The well known, idyllic fishing village of Sagiada, that is opposite Corfu island, is a new settlement that was built after 1943. When the German Nazis set on fire the town of Old Sagiada for its important geographical position, the villagers were made to leave their homes and come to live near the small port of the area, called “Skaloma”.

Skaloma is mostly known to people that come here for holidays by yachts crossing the Ionian Sea. There  are little tavernas on a cobbled lane of land, where the visitors can taste fresh fish and delicious sea food.

In a few – minutes distance from the village of Sagiada, there are two beautiful beaches, “Keramidi” and “Strovili”. Keramidi is a small organized beach full of trees with crystal clear water. It has pebbles and thin sand.

Strovili beach is located at the slopes of the homonymous hill that invades the sea and on its top, remains of a medieval castle can be found.

The peace and tranquility of this landscape, the Ionian’s sunset and the little port, called “Skaloma”, with its storm tossed multicoloured little boats, makes this the ultimate destination for calm, quality holidays.